Wednesday, September 2, 2015

  • What is math? 
  • I still think math is a numeric and logical explanation of the world around us. I liked a lot of the other options discussed in class but this seems most in tune with what math does overall.

  • Biggest moments/discoveries in history of math. (Top 5 or milestones, etc.) Please don’t research - just what you’re bringing in to the course.
  • 1.) The movement into abstraction. I couldn't nail down when this actually happened, but it seems like something that moved math from a practical tool to reasoning abstractly. This in turn allows us to find more practical uses for math. 

2.) The coordinate plane. I dunno if this was Descartes or if he simply used it. Regardless this graphing allowed for a universal approach to how to graph equations.

3.) Calculus was huge! regardless of if you think it was Leibniz or Newton, calculus opened up the doors to modern mathematics.

4.) The computer age of statistics. This may seem the odd man out but data collection is what every big company is doing these days. Interpreting and using this data is an application of math that is affecting every one of us today.

5.) Euclid's Elements seems like an incredible movement in the right direction. His geometries established a way of approaching mathematics that we still follow today. It also led to many many more geometries.

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